An Swedish Death Metal band not sounding like Entombed, Carnage, Dismember, etc ... is something so we can start to take it into account, but also the band is not a band but a great band, with a sound 100% in line the best Morbid Angel, so we are in a very great news for all those who enjoyed the best season of MA masters. Degial offers equally dark brutality and darkness, it should be added that are from the same area, belong to the same circle of satanic tendencies of bands like Watain, Individuous, Repugance, etc ... Here you have the interview with you to Joel Lindholm, a member that is not currently in the band but we also reveals some of the most interesting things about Degial.

Well, before of begin this interview we wanted to thank you this time that you are gonna to take for answer this interview. How is going all in Uppsala and Sweden in general? Here in Spain our fucking politics have been proposed fuck  us all raising taxes, unemployed...
J: In Uppsala everything is as it should be, tactics and all strategic work with all Metal of Death bands is going well.. And of course with Watain. All people included in this are working hard to reach all individual goals. So its very satisfying to have such people around you. But Sweden in general i don't really know, couldn't really care less i guess.
In this moment that we are writing this questions to you, I’m listening your brand new álbum “Death's Striking Wings”, which can’t’ stop to listen and I have to say that is one of the best Death Metal masterpices that I have discover in the lastest time. Fucking sick Death Metal in the most vein of first Morbid Angel... How is being the answer to this great work at this moment?
J: Thank you. Well, we all knew how good it would be when we rehearsed all songs. So im not that surprised that people like it. And im not that surprised that people not like swell, the world is filled with weak intellect minded people so we saw that one coming. And the feeling.. i don't know... I know what me and the other guys are good at.. So i guess... I don't feel that much.. It ́s always a good feeling when you get the first records and you see them with your own eyes.. 
You begin with the band in 2006, and untill 2012 you haven’t recorder your first album, with only one demo and 7”EP between this time... Why all this time to release your first album? Or is that you preferred have a little more promotion with this two releases? 
J: Well, Its better to do things proper than just shit out crap music every year. Better to the best you can and let it take some time. I mean, why rush everything when you don't have a label that demand an album a specific date?
All members of Degial comes from anothers enshrined bands like Repugnance, Invidious, Graveless, etc... Did you begin with Degial you were playing at the same time in this bands? 
J: Invidious and Degial are from the same "era", So H. had both things going at the 
same time. The other bands are things that have become an "extra" thing later if you know what i mean?
I have listened like 100 times or more your album , and you can see easily that your Death Metal is very specific with a very specific influence. When this band begins, you have in mind already the king of Death Metal that you wanted to get?
J: I remember from the beginning when i started to play with the band.. We used to talk about visions we had and everything.. And the full-length are that vision, quite exactly. The demo is an exception from the things we wanted to create.. But its the first demo. 
The Morbid Angel influence is very marked in yours tracks, but no for the lastest MA, is the best epoch of album like “Blessed are the Sick” or “ Covenant” or even “Domination” what remember your sound... I can imagine that all members are fans of this band, because with this album its seems like you wanted to pay tribute to the Morbid Angel of this epoch. What do you think about the new Morbid Angel album? 
J: I mean.. clearly Morbid Angel have formed our sound.. But we never wanted to a rip off band.. But of course.. I mean for me it was the first Death Metal band i started listen to.. For me the latest MA album is Heretic...
The combination between dark atmosphere, evil and force is what make realy magic each of the tracks on the album “Death's Striking Wings”, without any filler song inside. Which is the composition process for Degial track? Have you any other kind of influence apart of musical?
J: I can get influenced by lots of stuff.. movies, books.. atmosphere ́s.. watching the 
news on Tv.. I mean.. i think influences besides music is more superior when it comes to songwriting.. I get more influenced by my mind than listening to music.
It is highly unusual for a Swedish band as Degial, we cant find in their sound that Swedish style so characteristic in lots of bands in your country. Did you want a different sound or do something different of the others bands you played?
J: Its quite simple. We wanted to create music that brings your mind to total death, chaos and blasphemy.. And i think we hit the spot.. its a little more "mentally-disturbed" than the typical swedish sound.
Aesthetically Degial also moves in the field of Satanism and the occultism, but starting with the name what’s means Degial?
J: Al-Dajjal (english: Deggial) is the false prophet in the islam religion. The prophet who leads people into the left handed path. Its Islams answer to the Anti-christ.
And now about the title of the album, “Death's Striking Wings” is a metaphor about the Death? Whats make that you write about death, blasphemy, devastation...
J: That is what we believe in. That is what is on our minds almost the whole days. Death is a much more important than life in the whole perspective. I mean.. you don't die to live? You live to die. So for me its quite easy.
I don't fear death, i get more calm when i think of death than thinking of how the invest my money for the elder days.. the second part i don't give a flying fuck about anyway.
Lets talk about the cover of the album. Its seems like a bird skeleton with an inverted cross above. What’s mean exactly?
J: It is exactly what the title says.
We have the vinyl version that bought in Sepulchral Voice Rec. I have to say that is a deluxe edition. All this details for the vinyls version are your idea or the label? What’s mean all the inscriptions inside the layout of the vinyl?
J: All the symbols are made individual for each song. Thats all I will tell.
Members of Degial lives as metalhead or like their lyrics says? I mean, there are toons of bands out there that talk about the extermitate of human race, desecration, misanthropy, Satanism, etc... and then they have their regular jobs, families, sons, cars, beach...
J: Its a personal matter of all individual "life choices". Some work, Some don't. But no one have regular lifes like typical family man. Some work, you need money. 
There have been always a very strong scene in Sweden of Death Metal, Black Metal or even Thrash Metal, not only for bands if not also for Festivals, labels,etc... How do you see the Swedish scene in this moment? Many child deathcore faggots?
J: I don't know really. Im not "updated" at all cause i don't have any interest in that. I don't care about other bands or festivals or stuff like that. Im only interested in myself and my friends. If i hear something good i buy a record. Then if the band is from Germany, Italy, Brazil or Sweden i don't really give a fuck about. But i honest can say that I hate this fucking "metalhead" thing.. just because i listen to the same band as someone, that doesn't mean i want to be your fucking friend? I never have understood that thing.. 
Do you still buy stuff for mailorders and like to discover new bands? 
J: The majority of the music i listen to is possible to buy in any record store.. So i use to go to regular stores and buy.. and from ebay.. and like Cdon.com.. I don't put energy in finding "new" bands..
This album has been released by the german label Sepulchral Voice Rec. very famous for have in their rooster the masters Necro Christos. Why did you decide for them? Had you offers for anothers labels? Are you happy with the work that they are making with you?
J: They understood what we wanted. We share the same visions with the label and are proud to be under their "wings".They have done great work for us. I have only good things to say about them.
Personally I see that without be a big label, they have a defined style with very good bands, do you like any bandmate of this label?
J: Necros C, Teitanblood, Charon, Veneum is good bands.
You are very active making concerts in festivals and around Europe. How is a concert of Degial? Can you describe for all those like me that still cant see you in live? 
J: Its a celebration to death. i mean.. thats what we do when we play.. 
Any plans for a future European gig and come to Spain?
J: There ́s an European Tour the 1st-16th November. But i have no idea where the tour is going. I will only play the first 3 shows, then J. from Vorum will replace me the rest of the tour due to legal and authority problems.
For going finishing and mandatory question is your top ten album in this moment.
J: Oh shit.. I will just give you 10 albums im listening much to at the moment.
UFO - Phenomenon, 
Kiss - ST, 
Scorpions - In Trance, 
Scorpions - Taken By Force 
UFO - Strangers in the night
AC/DC - High Voltage 
Pink Floyd - The Wall 
Michael Schenker Group - Live in Tokyo
Yngwie Malmsteen - Trilogy
Angelcorpse - The Inexorable.
Is all by the moment. Is a great pleasure talk with you Joel. Waiting new Degial stuff very soon hope to see you in live in Spain. 
J: Thank You. Fukk the world.

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